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ZoŽ Thomas has a diploma in  Equine Sports Massage Therapy - ESMT Dip
ZoŽ Thomas is accredited with the ITEC Holistic Massage Diploma including Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology and Deep Tissue massage at Integrated Body Dynamics in London

ZoŽ Thomas, Qualified Equine Sports Therapist offers horse therapy including deep oscillation treatment throughout Ireland

Problem solving not symptom treating - Equine Sports Therapy Ireland

ZoŽ Thomas

Equine Sports Therapy, Ireland

Horses can suffer from back and muscle aches just like humans. Such discomfort can lead to poor performance and bad or uncooperative behaviour and increase the injury risk.

Equine Sports Therapy is the application of professional sports therapy techniques to the horse. The art of equine sports therapy needs to be combined with a thorough understanding of anatomy and the interaction of bones, joints and muscles to produce maximum therapeutic effect.

An Equine Sports Therapist looks at the horse as a whole, i.e. in a holistic manner, and considers all possible causes and effects of any tension by interpreting a horses reactions and expressions.

Does your horse show any of the following signs:
All of the above can be signs of pain and discomfort and should be investigated.

Benefits of Equine Sports Therapy

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